Understanding and Resolving Risk Before Sale

Thursday 22nd April 2021 11:00am

How can business owners manage risk when selling their business, particularly with advice given around Defined Benefit Transfers or Non Standard Investments? This workshop will explore the impact risk can have on a sale, and practical steps to minimise or mitigate that risk.

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Risk Management

Telos – Richard Farr
Gunner & Co. –Louise Jeffreys 
Overall risk management have daily implications, including effective client management, repercussions on your PI renewal and ultimately on your position when selling your business.

Richard and Louise will review what is meant by Risk Management and case studies of what can go wrong.

Data Management

Telos Solutions– Andy Sutherland
Data management is at the heart of any risk management plan, focussing on administrative functions and record keeping. Andy will talk about what good data management looks like and how that can play into the preparation of a business sale.

Focus: DBT, Fund Management and Non Standard Investments.

Telos Solutions – David Edwards
What triggers a red flag? What you need to know before entering discussions. Identifying ‘Sticky wickets’ of advising on Safeguarded Benefits (e.g. DB Transfers), in-house fund picking and Non Standard Investments (NSIs) 

Q&A: Ask the experts

An open mic session to delve into the themes and subjects that matter most to you.